$YAY Listing & Claiming: main updates for investors

Our team is dedicated to transparency, which means that we want you to have all the info regardless of whether it’s good news or bad. That’s why we want to address the elephant in the room and give you a better understanding of the current situation with the claiming procedure and share the main updates.

Today was one of the crucial milestones in the YAY roadmap: the very first listing. Moreover, we decided to go multi-chain from the very beginning, thus we listed $YAY on both PancakeSwap and Pangolin. Facing many impersonators and fraudsters all along fundraise stages, we wanted to protect our community from scammers' attacks. Listing is proven to be the sweet spot for hackers attacks, and we’re glad that we managed to make this experience safe for our community members.

Shortly after the listing, we’ve launched our claiming dashboard. It’ll allow our investors to claim their tokens following the vesting schedule. To thank our investors for their remarkable support we’ve also included a nice bonus that can be received a bit later.

Unfortunately, the claiming procedure didn’t run as smoothly as we planned - we’ve detected an issue related to the number of tokens that can be claimed at TGE. We fully understand that this is a crucial moment, and we want you to know that we’re fixing it as urgently as we possibly can. At the moment our team is making everything possible to credit the correct amount of the tokens in the shortest time.

We can’t thank our community enough for the support in this situation, it gives us the strength to work literally 24/7 until the issue is solved. We’re extremely sorry for this inconvenience, and we think that the best thing we can do is to make sure that all the wallets addresses would be 100% compensated by September 10th, 2 PM UTC, starting from our most valuable supporters.

We’re sure that this is just a bump on our road to the new era of decentralized gaming, and with such a remarkable community, we’re also sure that the ride will be very nice and very fast.



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