YAY Games x Dexsport — Airdrop and AMA winners

Hey there, YAY enthusiasts! Hungry for some news or simply want to know the recent viral sweep contest outcome? Guess what, we got both! Thanks to all our community members who took part in it and Dexsport for the wonderful opportunity to collaborate!

Desxport was selected as the first project featured on the ZEUS platform. Recently, the gaming industry has been flourishing along with eSports. Dexsport is bringing the possibility for crypto enthusiasts to bet in play-to-earn games, eSports, and Blockchain gaming, not setting aside the usual sports betting.

The viral sweep contest has come to an end, and we’re ready to share the results. We are truly grateful for all the participants and their impact on our first sale. Such things help us to get better and continue to improve our project each day. But without further interruption, let’s get to the winners. For the complete winners’ list, press here.

Don’t be down if you missed the contest or have not been selected as a winner. There will be plenty of opportunities to take part in upcoming events and contests as it’s only the beginning of a big game!

Dexsport is an innovative project that changes the way users think about betting. The platform is a DeFi prediction platform that includes: sports betting, play-to-earn betting, prediction market, P2P prediction on cryptocurrency rates, and NFT collecting.

The Dexsport ecosystem caters to users interested in betting and blockchain enthusiasts and investors interested in putting their money in a common liquidity pool.

To learn more about Dexsport, stay updated on all their developments, visit their Website, and join them on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Telegram Group.

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As the ultimate GameFi brand, YAY Games also works as an Incubator thanks to its Initial Game Offering (IGO) Platform “Zeus” — allowing top gaming projects to have access to the expertise, large community, and sophisticated game mining architecture.

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