YAY Games “Prediction Games” are now live!

We are delighted to announce that the final version of our highly anticipated predictions games is now live.

The games are fully functional and available to anyone looking to try their luck and speculate on the shifts of the cryptocurrency market. As the first set of games to debut on our platform, YAY Games Predictions represent a significant milestone on the project’s roadmap.

This version will be updated and improved upon over time, and users can expect any changes to be announced beforehand. This article will dive deeper into the game’s mechanics and the new mining system implemented by our developers.

YAY Games Predictions

YAY Games Prediction allows users to bet if the price of the BTC/ETH and ADA/USDT pairs will go up or down. If you predict the price outcome correctly, you’ll be awarded an equivalent share of the prize pool. On the other hand, if you fail, you might also have a chance to win rewards.

The prediction system is set up in rounds of 4 hours. To participate, simply connect your wallet, add the chosen amount of Binance Coin (BNB) and place your bet. To know more about the payout structure, rules, and how to play, click .

YAY Games Predictions is an excellent way to test your trading skills, earn crypto, and become familiar with our platform and its pioneer mining mechanics. It is also quite simple to set up, so you can easily join the blockchain gaming revolution today.

Achievement system

Within the games, we are introducing a pioneer achievement system for our users. There will be different achievement cards in your profile section, each one with its own name and image, that will reward users with $YAY tokens after the achievements are completed.

A progress bar will show users the different stages of completing an achievement (1 out of 5 steps for example), and users can redeem their rewards once it’s finished. Here are some of the accomplishments that will integrate our next update:

Entered the playing field — make a prediction on Up or Down or BTCvsETH;

On a roll — win 5 times in a row;

Lost the battle but not the war — lost 5 times in a row;

Legendary loser — lost 10 times in a row;

High Roller — staked more than 1 BNB on all predictions;

Easily convinced — make 5 predictions in a row;

Hurt but not broken — lost more than 1 BNB on all predictions;

Nostradamus — won 15 times in a row;

Prediction God — won 20 times in a row.

Please note that each one of the achievements listed above will reward players with a $YAY airdrop.

About YAY Games

YAY is a decentralized gaming marketplace designed for gamers, traders, and farmers that merges the gaming sector with decentralized finance.

YAY, at its core, is a gaming marketplace platform that is introducing multiple games in a decentralized way, utilizing blockchain technology to diminish the gap between games and decentralized finance.

We bring the regular gamer into the blockchain by adding innovative in-game mining mechanics, farming pools, and non-fungible tokens to casual games. Thus, rewarding the user based on the number of games played, achievements accomplished, tournaments, and more.

Do not miss your chance to join us on this journey through the blockchain. Follow us on , , and .



YAY.games is a fully decentralized Gaming Marketplace designed for Gamers, Traders and Farmers.

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is a fully decentralized Gaming Marketplace designed for Gamers, Traders and Farmers.