YAY Games: Introducing the Affiliation Program, Achievement System, and User Profile

As our journey through the Blockchain gaming industry keeps unraveling, we continuously search for improvements, and features to smooth our communities’ usage across our platform! The introduction of an achievement system and an affiliate program was always one of the milestones of our roadmap.

We do believe that social features bring the community closer. Thus, enhancing engagement and creating a more solid community, where thoughts, conquers, and opinions can be shared freely. In the following article, we will detail all the features we recently implemented

Affiliation Program

By adding an affiliate program, we are giving our users the opportunity to invite their friends to multiply their rewards while playing.

In our one-level referral program, rewards depend on the product (e.g. mini-games, staking, bridge, etc.) and the percentage itself will be adjusted accordingly. Bringing new gamers means getting a percentage reward for every action they perform within the platform.

Achievement System Implementation

Along with the deployment of our website 2.0, our new achievement system will be added to the platform. As our Play-to-earn system keeps expanding, we want to bring more use cases for each user, awarding them with $YAY for each achievement they unlock.

To celebrate this milestone, we have prepared the first NFT for newcomers on the platform, it can be obtained by performing the following tasks:

  • Enter the game — Play your first game
  • Lucky V — Win 5 times in a row
  • Lost the battle, but not the war — Lose 5 times in a row
  • GG WP — Lose 15 times in a row
  • Nostradamus — Win more than 10 $AVAX worth in YAY
  • Easy-going — Make 5 games in an hour
  • Down but not out — Lose more than 10 $AVAX worth in YAY
  • Lucky fifteen — Win 15 times in a row
  • Cryptodamus — Win 30 times in a row

Profile Setup

Besides the above-mentioned features, we will be adding a user profile set up for all our community members.

In your profile, you’ll be able to see all the stats from your activity within the platform. Such as:

  • Number of games played;
  • Won/Lost games statistics;
  • Ability to upload your own NFT avatar from the available ones (coming soon);
  • Find out your KYC status and explore all the advantages of this operation;
  • Check all the achievements you have received or find out the status of their completion;
  • Learn the affiliate program statistics, find out who your sponsor is, and the list of referrals (coming soon);
  • How much YAY have you earned on mini-games (affiliate program);
  • How much YAY have you earned on prediction games (affiliate program);
  • How much YAY have you earned on the NFT marketplace (affiliate program);
  • How much did you earn through the affiliate program.

All of these features will be soon implemented, and there is a lot more on our roadmap, stay tuned for new updates!

About YAY Games

YAY is a decentralized gaming marketplace designed for gamers, traders, and farmers that merges the gaming sector with decentralized finance.

YAY, at its core, is a gaming marketplace platform that is introducing multiple games in a decentralized way, utilizing blockchain technology to diminish the gap between games and decentralized finance.

We bring the regular gamer into the blockchain by adding innovative in-game mining mechanics, farming pools, and non-fungible tokens to casual games. Thus, rewarding the user based on the number of games played, achievements accomplished, tournaments, and more.

Do not miss your chance to join us on this journey through the blockchain. Follow us on Twitter, Telegram, and Medium.




YAY.games is a fully decentralized Gaming Marketplace designed for Gamers, Traders and Farmers.

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YAY.games is a fully decentralized Gaming Marketplace designed for Gamers, Traders and Farmers.

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