The Metaverse is coming to ZEUS — Talecraft IGO Announcement.

You heard it right! The ancient metaverse is coming to ZEUS!

After a successful premier Initial Game Offering (IGO) and a significant shift in our platform, we are now ready to welcome TaleCraft! The magic universe will leave our gangs’ imaginations running wild. It is now time to explore the metaverse and start your journey through the ancient lands.

In the magical realm of TaleCraft, mystery and excitement go hand to hand to ignite the competitive flame that burns deep within us all! The sale of $CRAFT will be conducted with different molds from our first IGO. All the details about our new sales model can be found in our previous post.

Talecraft Overview — The First Crafting Game on Avalanche

TaleCraft is a Player-VS-Player (PVP), play-to-earn cardboard game driven by unique mint and craft mechanics, where players grow through gamified Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) alchemy. Elemental base cards are sold weekly, allowing only the most skilled alchemists to thrive and progress in this medieval metaverse. All NFT holders will receive $AVAX yield generated by the game ecosystem, rewarding the most loyal and skilled holders.

The deflationary system and NFTs

The Board Game itself

Talecraft Tokenomics and Vesting

  • Initial Circulating Supply: 1,739,500 CRAFT (excluding liquidity tokens)
  • Initial Market Cap: $487,060
  • Initial Liquidity: 1.66M CRAFT and 500K USD in AVAX
  • Game Incentives: 12.3%, 6-month cliff, 10% monthly
  • Staking: 10%, 5% TGE, linear for 20 months
  • Team: 10%, 12-month cliff, 25% quarterly
  • Operations & Development: 5%, 12-month cliff, 25% quarterly
  • Advisor: 5%, 6-month cliff, 25% quarterly
  • Marketing: 5%, 180-day cliff, 25% quarterly
  • Partnerships: 5%, 5% TGE, 90-day cliff, 25% quarterly
  • Ecosystem: 3.5%, 90-day cliff, 33.3% quarterly

For an in-depth look into Talecraft’s Tokenomics press here.

The Sale on ZEUS

  • Token type: ARC20
  • Network: Avalanche (AVAX)
  • Ticker: $CRAFT
  • Price per token: $0,26
  • Staking Pool Currency: $YAY
  • Contribution currency: $AVAX
  • Total IGO Raise: $50,000

Staking and Pools

Muses pool share: 60,00%

1️⃣ Pool HEROES

  • Hercules: 100% chance — 25 places $350 allo each
  • Perseus: 95% chance — 25 places $200 allo each
  • Argus: 90% chance — 25 places $150 allo each
  • Minos: 85% chance — 25 places $100 allo each

2️⃣ Pool “MUSES”

Muses pool: Random Chance — 400 places $75 allo each

People who are not selected in “HEROES” Pools will move to “MUSES” Pool, in the following order

  • 5% from Tier 2
  • 10% from Tier 3
  • 15% from Tier 4

Other participants will have to stake higher ammounts than the above-mentioned stakers in order to join Muses


  • IGO date: 21st November
  • Winner announcement: 21st November
  • Listing time: 26th November
  • Claiming time: TBD
  • Vesting: 5% at TGE, 90 days cliff, linear for 15 months

Celebrating TaleCraft Initial Game Offering

Following up the giveaway mentioned above, we will have an Ask Me Anything(AMA) Session live session with our CEO, Nick Epifanov, where our community will take a deep dive into some of the brightest minds behind the Ancient Metaverse. It is the perfect opportunity to drop their questions, learn about Talecraft, and be rewarded for it! The AMA will be conducted on November 19th, Friday, at 2 PM UTC. More details related to the above-mentioned campaign will be shared on our socials.

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