Pirate X Pirate IGO Announcement

Following the announcement of the first Initial Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) Offering coming to ZEUS, and with the ZOA’s IGO already confirmed for the month of January, we are glad to announce that Pirate X Pirate is the next gaming project to conduct an Initial Game Offering (IGO) on ZEUS.

Pirate X Pirate is a play-to-earn NFT based game built on the Binance Smart-Chain (BSC), where players can recruit their crew, form their fleet and compete with other pirates for a chance to become the lord of the oceans. The Pirate Metaverse will be available for Browser, Android, and IOS.

To know more about Pirate X Pirate you can visit their socials below:

About Pirate x Pirate

The downfall of the Crookback Great Fleet had been unprecedented until the Peacemaker Consortium decided to unleash its full power of the L’Armada in the hope that the era of pirates would come to an end.

Nevertheless, the remnants of the Crookback Great Fleet spread a rumor about the titular pirate captain’s hidden treasure vault, presumably holding a fortune worth more than half of the world’s wealth. This rumor sparked a new era of seafaring, the new age of pirates has begun!

The in-game economy is backed by $PXP, the token that will be used to buy-sell-trade NFT items such as Ships and Crews. $GOLD is the in-game currency that will reward players who try their luck in the unknown seas of the metaverse.

By joining Quests, users will be able to stake their NFTs to earn rewards. Pirates will choose a quest, deploy a ship assign their top crew, and be rewarded for it. These prizes are determined by the size of the ship and the matched skills of every crew member assigned.

Another way to win prizes is to enroll in PVE or PVP battles, when your fleet is ready you will be able to set sail into an ocean full of enemies who will want to get your Gold. These battles will be vastly different from Quests. The game is a turn-based dice battle. Even though it works with a dyce system, it is not totally random. Players have a certain degree of control in each round of combat.

About the Sale

Pirate X Pirate IGO will be held on ZEUS via two pools, Heroes and Muses. The total raised will be $75,000. Below you can check all the details about both stages. You can already start staking your YAY and join every live IGO on the platform.

IGO dates:

Private Sale
Date: 7th February
Price: $0,013 per Token

Public Sale
Date: 14th February
Price: $0,018 per Token

Join the sale: here

Pirate X Pirate Public IGO

✨ Allocation Size: $75,000

✨ Heroes Pool: 47%

✨ Muses Pool: 53%

1️⃣ Heroes: 100 spots

Tier 1: 25 Places 500$

Tier 2: 25 Places 400$

Tier 3: 25 Places 300$

Tier 4: 25 Places 200$

2️⃣ Muses: 400+ spots

100$ each

About YAY Games

YAY Games is a decentralized game publisher that aggregates a wide range of games focused on Play-2-earn, NFTs, and DeFi.

As the ultimate GameFi brand, YAY Games also works as an Incubator thanks to its Initial Game Offering (IGO) Platform “Zeus” — allowing top gaming projects to have access to the expertise, large community, and sophisticated game mining architecture.

Do not miss your chance to join us on this journey through the blockchain. Follow us on Twitter, Telegram, and Medium.




YAY.games is a fully decentralized Gaming Marketplace designed for Gamers, Traders and Farmers.

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YAY.games is a fully decentralized Gaming Marketplace designed for Gamers, Traders and Farmers.

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