Bold Point’s Plot and Settings

We know how high the anticipation level is around Bold Point. And with the sale and MVP nearing, it is now time to dive into the plot and the settings within the fantasy realm. Over the following weeks, we will keep detailing every game feature, non-fungible-token, and mechanics to ensure our gamers have all they need to start playing.

Today we’re going to highlight the game’s plot and settings, while also mentioning some social aspects users will be able to find. From here onwards, a lot of Bold Point-related information will be revealed. Make sure you stay tuned and don’t miss a single post. It will definitely come in handy.

Bold Point — Getting into the Game

Bold Point is an alternative reality, in conjunction with our world’s different pieces torn out of order. A place where magic reigns, fierce battles are thundering, and where the fiends of the abyss, coming from beyond seeking to arrange their hunting grounds.

Bold Point isn’t just another fantasy genre game. We wanted to collect the most iconic and unique ideas and concepts of the genre to build our own world and reflect our exquisite vision.

The territory of the world is fractured, it consists of pieces torn from different realms or even worlds. Anyone can accidentally cross the invisible line and fall into these harsh lands, but not everyone is destined to succeed.

The real dangers come from the true rulers of this world. Who knows what this place is and who has created it? Until the veil of secrecy of this place is pulled off, it only remains to rely on our own strengths and the help of our clans.

The Bold Points’ Plot

Bold Point’s plot takes the fantasy realm to a whole new level. Comprising the genre’s clichés and innovative concepts, the game broadens familiar fantasy experiences. The bulk of the population of Bold Point, which is already about 200 years old, was formed by immigrants from European countries of the 8th-14th centuries, which influenced culture, architecture, and military art. Something has gone into oblivion, something has received a new development thanks to magic.

In this magical land, the mysterious Ancients, a powerful magical civilization from another world, face numerous enemies. In age-old battles and confrontations, the energy reserves of their worlds from which they draw their magic power have been depleted. To restore them, they pull out significant chunks of territories from the other dimensions and absorb their energy, turning it into magic. When the potential of a chunk evaporates, the Ancients perform the next ritual, attaching another chunk to the Bold Point.

In our world, the torn-out territory, as it were, collapses and disappears, remaining only on old maps. But there remains an invisible border of division, through which, due to fluctuations of magic spells, sometimes random people fall into another reality. Bold Point is suspended between worlds, held by artifacts-anchors of the ancients, and it is impossible to go beyond its limits.

Silver has a special role to play. There is no such mineral in the world of the Ancients, and it is also absent in Bold Point, otherwise, the chunk could not be pulled out. All the silver in Bold Point is brought by people who have fallen into it. Silver destroys magic and makes it easy to deal with magical creatures. In addition, it is believed that enough of it will destroy the magic of the holding artifacts and return the Bold Point to its home world.

Society and social mechanics

The beauty of the game is that players face the interests of others on a daily basis. A sandbox where events are defined by their participants. It is in conflicts and unusual ways of solving them where the brightest emotions are born.

To solve complex problems, players are united in groups of up to five warriors. Players unite with the leader and follow him across all locations. There are quests that can only be accomplished by collective efforts. For users who have realized all the benefits of cooperative play, there is a clan system.

To make a clan, it is enough to gather six like-minded gamers and sign the Clan Charter. The one who took the scroll of the Charter for registration is considered the Head of the clan, and the rest of the signatories are considered its members.

Clan members can communicate with each other through a special chat channel. In the clan interface, you can get acquainted with information about the structure, ranks, and current status of each member, as well as, check levels and the entire list of bonuses available at current levels.

Besides that, players who come in the early stages of the game’s launch share the success of the game with the developers due to the fact that the value of their tokens will grow with the growing popularity of the game.

That’s all for now folks but keep an eye on the updates! More interesting game-related posts are incoming.

About Bold Point

Bold Point is an NFT-based role-playing game built exclusively on the Avalanche ecosystem that offers a fun and competitive experience.

The game is designed to build your character and level it up through battle, either against other players (PvP) or against the computer AI (PvE). It’s also possible to earn extra crypto when playing against other players (Gold PvP).

Bold Point aims to break adoption barriers and bring more players to the blockchain gaming space. Follow us on Twitter.

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YAY Games is a decentralized game publisher that aggregates a wide range of games focused on Play-2-earn, NFTs, and DeFi.

As the ultimate GameFi brand, YAY Games also works as an Incubator thanks to its Initial Game Offering (IGO) Platform “Zeus” — allowing top gaming projects to have access to the expertise, large community, and sophisticated game mining architecture.

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