Bold Point: Upcoming IDO and Development Updates

With the IDO dates nearing, we want to announce some of the major events of early April:

From the development side, we have a significant milestone to share as well: now, all major game processes will be linked to the blockchain. Every in-game asset, potion, character, and game result will be stored using blockchain technology.

Here are the main updates that will be deployed in the nearest release:


Farming will be available on listing day. The $BPT-$AVAX pair will be added after the DEX Listing, and users will be able to check the current farming % and rewards on the Bold Points website. If you manage to be the first to join the pool, you’ll ensure higher returns.

For those who are just interested in farming, the mechanism will be similar to the one implemented in the YAY Platform. Players who survive the undead invasions will have an increased % of rewards. Users can clear up to 20 waves of undead attacks with different difficulty levels. For defeating the undead in each wave players will receive additional points. Depending on the total number of points, users will get an increased APR.

Loot in Bold Point:

LOOT, YAY Games native NFT Marketplace, will be available for Bold Point gamers, players can stock up with mana and healing potions — buy Boxes and open them. Users who purchased Boxes during the Initial NFT Offering (INO) will be able to open their chests. Rewards from open Boxes will go directly to in-game accounts.

Guide to Potions:

In the upcoming versions potions (flasks) with HP and Mana will be available. In order to get the treasured potions, players have to buy a Potion Box on the Bold Point marketplace or on the LOOT marketplace from YAY and open it: even if another item drops, it can be stored until the next update or sold.

Potions will play a crucial role in players rewards: the more potions a player uses, the higher the number of battles he can win.

Thus, while in battle, if a player uses additional potions to heal or restore energy points, he is likely to survive more undead attacks therefore he’ll receive a significant increase in APR.

There are two types of potions; let’s see the difference in the Greater Healing Potion as an example :

  • Greater Healing Potion — restores X hit points in a timeframe
  • Greater Instant Healing Potion — restores X hit points in one turn

Healing Potion — Healing Potions restore health points of the selected unit.

Healing potions are divided into 3 groups:

Mana Potion — restores the mana of the selected unit.

Mana potions are divided into 3 groups as well:

Core system Improvements:

The main focus is to ensure that the game is running smoothly, thus we’re constantly reviewing and improving the code. Our developers added changes in the backend, plus detected and fixed minor bugs. Other areas of improvement were sound effects and VFX.

Upcoming Next:

Bold Point will be a continuously evolving world, thus there’s a lot to expect in the next update. We’re preparing multiple new units, such as:

Combat mage

The main aim of a combat mage is to deal with magic damage. These characters usually don’t go to the first line of combat, they stay on the backline covering the rear of the vanguard of attack and inflicting magical damage to enemies, with low HP they can die easily.

This character will be added a week after the release

Dwarf sniper

Dwarfs are also a second-line unit of attack, able to deal physical damage over long distances, but like the Mage, he lacks HP. Battle thunder is their main ability — the character can deal high critical damage (significantly multiplying his damage) to opponents.

Support mage

Unlike the combat mage, the support mage is a healer who has the ability to heal your army. Like the battlemage, the character lacks HP, but his impact in battle is hard to underestimate.

We’ve prepared an intense pipeline for April, and we’ll continue sharing the updates with our community. Combining milestones in game development and fundraising, we aim to bring both investors and gamers on board simultaneously, which can only strengthen Bold Point as a product.

About Bold Point

Bold Point is an NFT-based role-playing game built exclusively on Avalanche that offers a fun and competitive experience.

The free-to-earn approach combined with an easy-to-learn principle lowers the entry barrier for gamers, while advanced earning mechanics and hard-to-master gameplay make Bold Point appealing for well-known gaming guilds and crypto-savvy enthusiasts.

Supported by YAY Ecosystem, Bold Point offers its audience native integration with LOOT Marketplace and YAY Loyalty Program. Moreover, the project gives power back to the community by implementing DAO and allowing $BPT holders to affect core gameplay.

Follow Bold Point on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.

About YAY Games

YAY Games is a decentralized GameFi ecosystem for B2B and B2C, focusing on Play-2-earn, NFTs, and DeFi.

As the ultimate GameFi brand, YAY Games is the one-stop shop for any Blockchain-related gaming project. Providing them with expertise, community and sophisticated game mechanics through ZEUS (IGO launchpad), LOOT (Gaming NFT Marketplace), and multiple smart-contract boxed solutions.

Do not miss your chance to join us on this journey through the blockchain. Follow us on Twitter, Telegram, and Medium.


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