Bold Point In-game Series — How to beat the game and enemies.

Feeling bored already? Oh, we got another interesting piece of information related to the Bold Point universe to cheer you up! What is an RPG without a cool and varied combat system? YAY Games developers share your vision and have prepared a special system to provide incredible battle experience, and we are here to show you some of its mechanics.

Battle system

In the game, you can fight both monsters and players, either alone or in a team. Players can create a group battle and see all their brothers-in-arms and enemies at once, see their every action on a battlefield in panoramic coverage. In addition to the usual opponents, there are special big “bosses” in the game. The combat mechanics are built in such a way to make battles dynamic and visually impressive.

The fight takes place in rounds. Each round lasts no more than 20 seconds, during which the player has time to think about his move. If no action is taken at the end of the round, the character will automatically strike a random enemy target. Up to five people can take part in a fight. All fighters are simultaneously present on the battlefield and take turns.

At the beginning of the battle, you need to choose the location of the hero on the 3 x 3 field. A successful position can give significant tactical advantages — for example, you can hide a healer behind a tank. You can move characters during the battle, but not far, and after moving one, you cannot attack until the next round.

Opponents line up on the field, divided into cells, and take turns. The advantage of such a system is the need to think over tactics, look after the opponent’s moves and try to predict his thoughts.

Solo and Group combats


Solo combats — available to players from the first level. This is a battle for two characters, for the victory, in which the player gains experience and valor. To enter a solo battle, you just need to create a battle request or join the already created one.

After the recruitment of participants, the battle starts and the screen switches to the battle scene. You can also become an observer by entering any of the active battles.


Group battles are available for all the fighters who applied for participation in the battle, approximately equal teams of 5 characters will be formed. Group battles — start every 15 minutes. All registered participants before the start of the battle are divided into approximately equal groups in their level categories.

Automatic allocation tries to arrange groups with a diverse class composition, placing warriors in the first row, and mages and shooters in the second. Within a single-tier group, battles are fought in 5 vs 5 teams. Characters have appearances in combat, depending on the equipped weapon.

If the required number of participants is not recruited, their place is taken by AI-controlled characters

PvE and PvP


PvE battles are mainly oriented on the farming of special items. Dungeons are locations where especially powerful monsters and their bosses can be found at. Can be entered only by a group.

The dungeon consists of several levels, on each of which you need to fight mobs, bosses, or both at once. Winning a level gives you the opportunity to move to the next level. To pass the zones, you need knowledge of the strength and skills of the Bosses, as well as in some cases map knowledge, in order to choose the right and easier path.

They become available only from a certain level of the character. The higher the level, the more difficult dungeons open up. In order to complete the dungeon to the end, you need to assemble a well-balanced squad.

A player without a group, at the entrance to the dungeon, will take a queue, after which a group match up will take place. Groups are formed as the suitable players appear to visit the dungeon. These players will be added to the group automatically. The group leader can exclude members if they are unsuitable for any reason, or invite players who are not yet in queue. The reward for completing dungeons is rare trophies, some of which cannot be obtained anywhere else.


PvP battles become available after the player reaches level 20 in the game. He gains access to controversial locations where quests of players from different factions take place. In addition to free PvP, players of the confronting factions will receive tasks, the completion of which will be interrupted by the players of the hostile factions due to mutually exclusive tasks. For defeating enemies, the player receives valor and an increase in reputation.

In order to start a battle against a player, you need to click on the enemy and select the PvP option. It is worth noting that you can attack not only the players of the enemy camp, but also the characters of your camp. To start a fight against a player in your camp, he should accept the challenge.

About Bold Point

Bold Point is an NFT-based role-playing game built exclusively on the Avalanche ecosystem that offers a fun and competitive experience.

The game is designed to build your character and level it up through battle, either against other players (PvP) or against the computer AI (PvE). It’s also possible to earn extra crypto when playing against other players (Gold PvP).

Bold Point aims to break adoption barriers and bring more players to the blockchain gaming space. Follow us on Twitter.

About YAY Games

YAY Games is a decentralized game publisher that aggregates a wide range of games focused on Play-2-earn, NFTs, and DeFi.

As the ultimate GameFi brand, YAY Games also works as an Incubator thanks to its Initial Game Offering (IGO) Platform “Zeus” — allowing top gaming projects to have access to the expertise, large community, and sophisticated game mining architecture.

Do not miss your chance to join us on this journey through the blockchain. Follow us on Twitter, Telegram, and Medium.



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