Bold Point Battle Demo is here — Do you have what it takes?

It’s high time to quench your anticipation, polish your swords, the time to fight has come, Bold Point Battle Demo is here. Following the end of our strategic raise, we are ready to bring you the first version of the game that will reshape the way users perceive play-to-earn games.

This is the moment to share the fruits of our efforts and to finally bring our idea to life. The current article will help newcomers and community members to understand the first perks of the game, and what they can expect while trying it.

Try Battle Demo here:

The current available features in Battle Demo

To smoothen up your game experience we have made a list of fight locations, characters, and User Interface (UI) elements. This will ensure the navigation through the unknown lands will be effortless and you can rapidly plunge into battle. Let’s highlight some of them:

Fight Locations and mapping: Grab your weapons, only the strongest will survive

This will be where players will fight for their glory. Player versus player (PvP) and Player versus Environment (PvE) battles will be enabled and users will be able to join teams in order to compete with their opponents. As for now, players will be able to test their fighting skills in the PvE mode. The Battle Arena can be seen below.

Apart from the battle arena, all the playable maps shown on the first iteration of the game will contain multiple 3D plain locations, from roadways, stairs, housing, trays, barrels, trees, etc. Users will be able to have a deep enliven experience by roaming around the map while going through all the detailed manual rendered textures crafted by our team.

Available Characters and enemies: Choose your faction

There will be nine types of enemies available, from skeleton warriors, archers, and wizards, all of them will have a different set of abilities that you should defend against accordingly, enemies will appear in waves and their strength will vary.

When it comes to choosing your characters there will be available two models: the tank and the spearman. Tanks are a powerful first-line melee unit, while spearmen are the main damage dealer class of characters, they occupy the second line of troops. Each of the abovementioned characters will have three variations with different rarity, thus a user will be able to choose between six characters.

Sub: Spearman, high damage and high range attacks, can throw spears to the enemy

sub: Tank — melee warrior with huge amount of hp, but pure damage, can taunt nearby enemies

All characters are neatly forged by our developers. users will be able to enjoy 3D models with sharpened and smooth animation, high-quality textures, and shaders.

We want to make the game as original and authentic as possible, so we made the models from scratch, fully designed in-house without using any purchased assets. In the Battle Demo players can take a closer look at the enemies and players’ animations, such as, running, attacking, and special attacks with VFX, they are all great.

User Interface:

On the battlegrounds, fights will happen through waves, so after starting one of the users will be able to pass on to the next wave by pressing the “next wave” button, going against the new improved enemies. Moreover, during a battle, you’ll be able to see the waves counter and your current money (coins for spending inside the fight).

The win and defeat windows have also been improved to delight users with a pleasant design. In addition, players can now enjoy animated portraits of their characters for the purchase block.

Bold Point roadmap and next updates

While the Battle Demo version represents only a small section of the overall scope of Bold Point, which we decided to reveal to the community, the next release, is expected on the 10th of April.

10th April release will bring the integration with the $BPT farming pool which will be intertwined with the game. Thus more hours spent playing will reflect higher APRs for users. We will continue to add new characters such as the Mage which will have a higher amount of damage but lower Health Points (HP). The integration with LOOT will also be available, giving users the ability to buy assets within the game.

Users will be able to buy in-game assets that will help them progress within battles, items may include mana pots and energy pots between waves when on the battlefield. Thus increasing their chances for a successful fight against their opponents.

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